Friday, November 14, 2008

Epcot and Awards Dinner

Started out with a breakfast meeting where Gary hilariously opened the meeting with a group of leaders all dressed up as members of a band.  Gary was well trained for his "lead singer" role with his Resume sporting Psalty and a few solos several years back!  Then we headed out to Epcot for awhile.  Went on a few exciting rides and headed back to the hotel.  Went to the awards dinner tonight, and the girls went to Downtown Disney for dinner.  Had a great time visiting with Peggy and her mom, Sunil and Sujata, Cheri and Carol.  

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An amazing day!

We had a fantastic day.  We no sooner got all the senior pictures taken when it started POURING DOWN RAIN!  We were glad we finished in time!  Then we headed to the outlet malls to see what we could see...  Then to a special dinner party for Gary's work.  They had a very special fireworks show!  I was glad to meet up with my friend Sujata, and Gary is pictured above with Joe. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Downtown Disney with Gary!

After a day hanging out at the pool and then getting an extreme workout with my personal trainer (who I may have to ditch tomorrow because I can hardly move after today!), we went to Blues Brothers for dinner (I think the draw is the sweet potato fries!), and then to see Madagascar 2.  Madagascar 2 is definitely a movie that was NOT up mine and my husband's alley, but Bethany and Angie loved it, so OK.  When we got back to the hotel, Gary had a little surprise delivered for Bethany for her birthday -- Disney balloons!  She was so happy!  My husband amazes me at how thoughtful he is.  Sometimes his gifts are a little unusual (like the portable toilet paper!!  ??) but they're always from his heart!

Bethany's Birthday in Florida!

We had a great day starting off at the pool.  We then had a great workout session:  Tae Bo, and then a lot of weights at the gym...  Then off to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.  It was so fun there -- it was "snowing" on Main Street.  We did everything from Buzz Lightyear's ride to Mine Ride (3x).   It was a very Happy Birthday party for Bethany.  

We were sad Gary was too busy to join us.  On the way home, I told Bethany I was sad we didn't get a cake and sing "Happy Birthday."  When we walked in the door, Gary had a special cake for her all ready!  We woke him up and sang!  An end to an amazing day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun in Florida

We had a fun day today.  Although it was difficult pulling the girls out of bed (we didn't really get settled until after 2 a.m. from flying in), we made up for lost time.  Did an awesome Bible study, lounged around the pool, reading and doing puzzles, walked and ran and worked out (Bethany is my own personal trainer this week -- ouch!), then went to Downtown Disney.  It was hilarious because we had Bethany's iPhone GPS system and another one and we drove around for about 40 minutes, only to discover that Downtown Disney is about 2 minutes from where we're staying!