Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun at Changs!

Jesse, Amber, Gabe, Hannah, Bethany, Christa, Brandon, Emily, Grant, & I had a great night meeting up at Changs to be waited on by the most handsome men in black you ever saw:  Mike, Daniel, and Russell!  With Daniel's help we had a wide variety of food!  Mike's service with a smile is always great.  Afterwards, we all went and got a frozen yogurt (with our many cars we had one car go to the wrong yogurt place!!! ha!), then went to see Bethany and Mike's new house.  Then we went home to play Catch Phrase and chill.  A great night together!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Incredible Day

Started out with a fantastic day with my Daddy.  We went and looked at Bethany and Mike's house and my brother Tony met me there just to look it over.  (Tony was AMAZING to come all the way across town to do that for me!)  Then we went to breakfast, then to get a haircut with Bethany and do some errands.  We had SO MUCH FUN together!  It was the BEST day ever!

Then home and met up with Grant, Amber and Jesse to go to the Pistons' game (they won).  It was their opener.  We saw Nina and Matt there too!  What could be better than spending the day with such amazing people?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apple Pie Season!

Today I had to start making apple pies already -- Bethany even went and got some of the ingredients!  I only made a few, and one is almost gone.  I will be making pies all month now with all the apples we picked!  I LOVE my apple pie recipe and have it to a science how I like it, and it's my kids favorite apple pie now too!  It is SUCH A CHORE to make them, but everyone LOVES them.  They will not let a piece out the door:  poor Brandon asked to bring a piece to eat on the way home and almost had the door guarded on him!   I took this pic with my iPhone, but it's even prettier in person!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Colasantis, Etc.

One of our fav traditions:  Colasantis!  As you can see, Hannah and Gabe, Nina and Matt, Bethany and Mike and Rachel all agree!  What an amazing day together with my amazing family.  I look around me here and don't have to go far to count my many blessings.  Each and every person is such a blessing.  I get a kick out of just watching everyone!  We first go apple picking, then to Colasantis, the petting farm and good eats, then to Jack Miner's to see the migration of the geese (although we were a little short on geese this year because of the lateness of the season).  Then to Coney Island in Detroit to end a fantastic day together.  Great memories!  See more pictures here:  Colasanti's Slideshow