Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011-07-14 Roma Day 3

Another amazing day in Rome -- After another amazing Bible study by Hannah, had breakfast together at the hotel (they put us together in an "upper room" today!), then set off on foot to shop and stop and tour the area. We all split up in groups today. Walked down Via de Corsa and stopped at several stores and piazzas. Then met up with everyone at 2 at Trevi Fountain, and went to lunch at an amazing spighetti place. Went back to the hotel for a minute, then left again and went over the water to an area where not much was happening, so back to Via de Corsa. Met everyone at the Spanish Steps at 7, where we had an amazing dinner and goodbye celebration at a restaurant where they actually remembered Gary, me, Christa and Daniel from a few years ago!!! We then went back to Piazza Navone where the action was, and walked up and down and soaked in the amazing sights, sounds, and smells! Back to pack, to try to get ready for an early morning departure towards home!

2011-07-13 Roma Day 2

Our second day in Rome! Had an amazing breakfast at our hotel, and then the excitement began. We waited and waited for our tour bus to come, but it couldn't get through our street because of the pedestrian area. After several phone calls and walking back and forth three blocks to find the tour bus, we finally connected an hour after the tour was supposed to start, only to find out our tour guide was MIA!!! We contacted the tour agency and after some sketchy Italian and English communications, we finally got a guide scheduled for after our Vatican tour. Off to the Vatican on our own to tour. Went to the Sistine Chapel. Went to St. Peter's, grabbed a panini at a roadside stand, and connected with Emmanuale, a FANTASTIC GUIDE, who took us through St. Peter's. We then went to the Colosseum and the Forum and through a large part of the city. Parted at 6:30 p.m., and then walked to a great spighettaria where we had dinner. Then walked the rest of the way back to our hotel, stopping at Piazza Navone on the way. Hung out there awhile, then went to the rooftop of the hotel to go over the amazing day...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roma Day 1

Went to the train station via water taxi and waited there awhile for our train. It was a little crazy when we got on the wrong car of the train and had to move quickly to go to the other side of the train, but we all got on the train in the end! We got to our amazing hotel in Rome right by the Pantheon -- then we walked to Trevi Fountain, where we had an amazing lunch panini at a great place there, followed by a gelato and a LOT of granitas (lemon slushes!)... it was about 95 degrees!!! Then we walked over by the water, where we shopped and took a ton of pictures. Then to Navone Piazza for a great dinner and then back to our hotel. We walked so much we were all exhausted!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Venezia Day Three

We started out with an early Bible study by Gary, followed by breakfast at the hotel. Then off to Doge's Palace tour. It was amazing; we spent about 1.5 hours wandering around reading signs and exploring rooms. Then we went and caught a boat to Lido Island, where we ate lunch at a really good pizzeria there. After several slushes and waters, we made it to the beach. Mostly everyone went swimming, and a few people rented a boat with a slide to go in the sea with. Caught a boat back to Venezia, then a few people went shopping and others went to get ready for our gondola ride. Gary and I went and scoped out where we needed to check in. Went for the gondola ride, with Channel 2 catching up with us to take photos. The ride was so fun! Our music was incredible; the accordion playing and our comical singer almost falling out of the boat twice and getting hit in the head when he forgot to duck at a bridge (whether it was a joke or not is still up for debate! haha). Went to dinner at an amazing trattoria, then walked around as long as we could stay awake. Sat and listened to the bands playing in St. Mark's Square and drank a de-caf cappuccino. Came back and packed up to leave tomorrow...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011-07-10 Venezia, Day Two

Today we had a GREAT start with a pretty nice European-style breakfast at the hotel. We then went on a half day walking tour of Venice and learned a LOT about the city. We walked everywhere, rode a gondola across the canal, and ended our tour at the Jewish Ghetto here. We got a wonderful lunch at another Italian restaurant! complete with Tiramisu then walked back to the hotel and split up and every one did some shopping, napping, island hopping and whatever struck their fancy. Got back together for dinner, gelato and some fun, dancing, and walking around St. Mark's Square.