Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portovenere, Italy

Finally got here! Started out yesterday afternoon from home. When our plane landed in Amsterdam, we missed the connection! So we put our luggage up and hit a train to Centre City and had a blast walking around. Went back and got to Italy about 10 and drove to our hotel -- got here after midnight. I was so glad to have our GPS with Italy maps -- it brought us right to our door in an otherwise VERY CONFUSING country to drive in! We drove through a thunderstorm, but we're finally here and happy to be here! Gary is fighting a TERRIBLE headache, and I drank too much coffee to sleep (almost 3 a.m. here!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Pie Making Day!

What a beautiful day! After an amazing Church service, and a run outside in almost 80-degree weather, the girls came by to make apple pies. Before they got there, I managed to whip up a pumpkin pie at Daniel's request! Here are the finished products: