Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marathon Day!

Marathon Day -- started off beautiful, but HOT.  But everyone made it!  Christa and Hannah came across first, followed closely by Bethany, then Jesse (who ended up ripping 3/4 way through his miniscus), then Mike, then Gabe.  See the whole story at their running blog:  Girgenti Runners.  Sadly, I never saw Jesse, Mike or Gabe!  So no pics of them!  But they're still marathoners and heros as far as I'm concerned!  See tons of pictures here:

Exploring Chicago...

Walked all over Chicago.  Went to dinner at Luxe's and met up with Shalene, Diane, Greg, Angie and her friend Carly.  Then some people went to a movie, and a few of us went back to the Expo. Mike and I went to Garrat's Popcorn and waited in a very long line for some amazing popcorn. Then everyone went home early to get some rest and to get ready for the big day tomorrow!