Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A "Snow Wonderful" Day!

Today started out with my Dentist appointment with the most beautiful, talented amazing Dentist around: Dr. Hannah Bahlhorn!!! Then, ice skating with my precious GREAT niece Maddie!

We had so much fun ice skating with Madeline! Even though she couldn't go outside Sunday and ice skate, we made up for it today! She LOVED putting the ice skates on and trying to skate, even though after awhile she said it was "too hard" and wanted to take them off and "try again later!" We then made chocolate chip cookies and had hot chocolate! There was a LOT of snow! We had a great time!

Happy Birthday Dear Brandon!

Christa was a little freaked out that she wouldn't make it home in time for the party because we had SO MUCH SNOW and she was coming from working in Southfield! But she made it! And because of her EXTREME organizational skills, the tables were all set and her house all decorated, and everything all set for Brandon's birthday party! We had amazing food, and awesome company. We were sad that more people couldn't come because of the weather, but everyone who made it was GLAD they did!

Happy Birthday amazing Brandon! You are LOVED!!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my amazing Dad! 83 years old. He is the most amazing person! He delights in his family. He has taught us that there is nothing more important than family -- SEMPRE FAMIGLIA! When I took him to lunch, he kept telling me what an amazing wife my Mom is -- he loves her so much! It was great to have my wonderful family over to celebrate my Dad!