Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Bringing in the New Year with Shalene, Gary, Bethany, Michael, Alivia, Brandon, Christa & Tessa was AWESOME...  We started out with an AWESOME surf and turf dinner, complete with lobster tail, crab, shrimp (cocktail & scampi), sweet potato fries, and ramen salad.  The girls cleaned up the kitchen, then we played Imagine If and had mini cream puffs and peanut butter balls for dessert.  We had a fun white elephant gift exchange then watched a little of a few different movies and then watched the ball come down.  It was an awesome night spent with those I love... 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun at the Cabin!

On Christmas night, the entire family, along with Shalene, Angie and Jeanette, headed up north to the Cabin!  It was great to wake up and be there the next day.  Jesse, Hannah, Gabe, Shalene, Angie, Jeanette, and Lizzy took off to Boyne to ski in the awesome snowy weather, while the rest of us chilled at home.  Amber and Bethany made some chili.  The rest of the extra long weekend was great:  we played games, watched movies, finished the chocolate puzzle, played pool, shuffleboard and table tennis, made a winter fire, went snowshoeing, made snowmen and threw snowballs together.

What a wonderful way to put the cherry on top of Christmas with my fav people!